Our friends at Dossier Magazine know  how we love a creative challenge and together we have created countless pages of visual magic for their wonderful magazine.

This special beauty edition was no exception.

Bulgari needed a  visually creative , floral/organic interpretation of a selected range of their fragrances.

When Mia Ziervogel approached us with this project we jumped at the opportunity,on one condition: we wanted free creative and artistic range!

Naturally,our wonderful creative collaboration materialized in a sensational spread featuring bespoke masks and headpieces.


We sourced seasonal blooms and local blooms for this project,as well as synthetic materials like metal and poly urethane.

Our favorite piece (hands down) ,was the Venetian Carnival inspired mask, created from hundreds of deconstructed King Protea petals.

Our Gaga inspired head piece was the heaviest and hardest to wear (made exclusively with hundreds of silver wires) and weighing in at a few kilo’s .

The 60’s came into play with our Cornucopia inspired floral helmet.

Many,many hours and nights of finger bleeding detailed handwork later and we have a collection of images of ethereal beauty..captivating the imagination long after the last page of the editorial has been turned.bgcz_SA62kIQvzEPQ4Zvws70tEVkT83faNRSNbk5SQ8,YAAXqQonm0H3-9urFpFTiMk9miL0FAXPdsI39d4CGoU