There is an endless list of visual considerations and aesthetic decisions that each bride has to make before she takes a walk down the isle.
The most important of these will no doubt involve her dress and the choice of bouquet that accompanies it.

The style,combination of blooms and the addition of accessories elevates this intimate botanical statement into the important symbolic position that it occupies.

When a floral artist constructs this bouquet,it is with sensitivity and awareness that the process unfolds.

At Atomic orchid,we like to focus on all of the emotional elements that make up the bouquet.
The choice of blooms,their colour,shape and of course scent – are all contributors in the successful display..every single detail matters including the choice of : tie,wrap,ribbon or cord used to finish and secure the stems of the bouquet.

The church ceremony , which traditionally relies on the bride as the main visual focus ,is relatively short in duration compared to the rest of the wedding ceremony.This makes it possible for the bride to wear an unusually heavy or decorated bouquet should she choose that option.

Every new bridal season brings it’s own interpretation of current fashion trends and updates on the classics,which offers an endless selection of options…making this aesthetic choice,her most personal.

We often find that the most memorable bridal bouquets are the ones where the floral designer has been given minimal direction and been allowed to create from the heart.212 D60E5499