• Arrangements

    Our beautiful arrangements bring any space to life. Choose from our lookbook, or ask us for something unique.

  • Events

    With years of design experience, our event team will style your party, wedding, corporate get-together to perfection!

  • Styling

    Our creative directors use their keen eyes to define the balance between the subject and the rest of a composition.

Atomic orchid delivers big hearted ideas in an international way, using the language of flowers as their expression. Being a small family-run design agency means that every client gets the undivided attention that they sign-up for!

Atomic orchid creates ephemeral works of art with seasonal blooms and acts as a floral and gift concierge on behalf of its fiercely loyal clients.

Colin Shandoss is the artist and passionate curator known for his impeccable sense of style and personal attention to detail with every project or commission that he undertakes.

Atomic orchid have been trendsetters and leaders in the event and floral décor industry for almost 20 years.